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Who We Are


Who is C3???


C3 is a worldwide muscle car club for Dodge Challengers, Chevrolet Camaros, and Dodge Chargers with the purpose of bringing owners together to fellowship in a spirit of camaraderie while providing and/or enhancing events for the community.


C3 was founded February 12, 2012 by Lyonell Lee. His goal was to create a car club that had more of a fraternity (brotherhood) feel. He picked these three cars based on the idea that anyone with one of these cars had considered buying one of the other two. This idea along with a strong desire to change the state of his community, allowed him to create C3 Car Club Inc.


C3 only accepts three different vehicles (in the states) making it a truly exclusive club. International chapters accept all American Muscle. Our goal is to continue to grow worldwide and show the car club world what true camaraderie and community service is about!

One special thing about C3 is that MEMBERSHIP IS FREE!!!! As long as we operate, we will keep it that way!


As long as you love your car, and you are in favor of REPRESENTING well and RECRUITING strong, responsible, capable members for our club, we would love to have you!




We want the world to know that a car club can be more that men and women coming together to enjoy cars there-by changing the stereo-type of car clubs forever!



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