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C3 Cares Inc. : A Charitable Organization for ALL


C3 Cares is a nonprofit governed by a single Board of Directors that sets policy, develops and approves an corporation-wide strategic plan and related resource allocation, and is responsible for the performance of the organization as a whole, with the advice and support of regionally based volunteer boards. Created and ran by car enthusiasts! We are here to unite ALL car enthusiasts and companies in the automotive industry in an effort to change our communities for the better!


Helping improve the education of our youth and the overall improvement of our underserved communities is our only responsible option. We want to give ALL American kids an opportunity to compete with the world's foremost technicians and mechanics in creating new technology that will hopefully make our world safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.


Many kids have untapped potential, especially those that enjoy understanding how a vehicle works. It is our wish to allow kids interested in "how things work", an opportunity to increase their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math and apply that knowledge to becoming our future.


We also provide social and community service events that will create an opportunity for the community to improve itself from within. We realize that many communities around the globe are dying from disease, poverty and violence and it is our plan, our wish, to change this for the better!


The members of our club are tied to our underprivileged communities, and we cannot afford to sit idle and allow them (our communities) to perish! We hold events throughout the year that fight against disease, deterioration and violence. It is our hope that this will allow our communities to flourish. This is our purpose... our reason to exist.


We want the world to know that a car clubs can be more that men and women coming together to enjoy cars there-by changing the stereo-type of car clubs forever!



  1. To unite ALL car enthusiasts and industry leaders in an effort to improve the quality of our underserved communities across the US.

  2. To improve the awareness and prevention of diseases plaguing our communities.

  3. To improve the awareness and prevention of hunger plaguing our communities.

  4. To improve the availability of science, technology, engineering and math training to underprivileged youth (a STEM initiative) .  

  5. To decrease the amount of violence in our communities. 



C3 Cares is an organization that promotes the advancement of the youth of America as well as the holistic improvement of underserved, underprivileged communities in need through dedicated service and support and comprehensive education for the benefit of society.

Silver Car


With a dedicated spirit of unity and cooperation, we are unequivocally committed to become the standard of excellence for community service organizations.

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“Camaraderie through Cars & Community”


The Salvation Army

The North Texas Food Bank

Susan G Komen

The American Cancer Society

The Red Cross

The Wounded Warior Project

Toys for Tots

Cystic Fybrosis Foundation

Habitat for Humanity

Hands Up

Proceeds go to our Stem-U-L8 program, a program to help high school students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics prepare for college.

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